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Written by Artie   
Sunday, 23 January 2011 12:41

New Year. Somewhat comfortable in my position at work. Time to make good on some basic stuff.


1) Above all...  Back up your hard drive. If you get a new computer or have never made a copy of your system image, ***BEFORE YOU DO ANYTHING AT ALL***, use the backup utility to make a copy of your operating system at it's least plauged state. DVD's are helpful when you get a naughty virus.


2) Make a user account different from the default "Administrator" role. For daily tasks, you don't need to be running as an administrator. If you do- it allows opportunity for programs to be installed, sometimes without your knowledge, that do all sorts of bad things. Some of which may refer you to item #1 above.


3) Read a little bit. I KNOW!!! <the nerve> No kidding. I'm not asking you to know everything about the programs that you use, but if you can't perform basic administrative tasks with disipline, you will most likely come to regret it.


4) Keep important files in one place. <two actually, three is even better> Most of the time, these are pictures and music for most of you. If you have financial documents or personal information, keep these on a flash drive or external hard drive and only connect these devices when you really need to. I find it a good practice is to keep the critical files on a protected flash drive and copied on a weekly basis to an external hard drive.


I know that isn't much, but it these are very important things. After all, my journey into systems adminstration was all based in backups. Being cute didn't hurt either. :)



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Hi There! I'm Artie. PDF Print E-mail
Written by Artie   
Friday, 25 September 2009 00:00

Hello world! Thanks for dropping by.


I am currently employed by EMC Corporation as a Storage Operations Specialist.


I have been working on computers since 1981 from my first touch on a Tandy TRS-80 Model III. For more computer background experience, please see the article IT Systems Architecture - The Beginnings at the left menu bar under the Functional Experience submenu.


Here at you will find information about my personal initiatives, work experience, education, apprenticeships, transferrable skillsets, plus my technical and artistic abilities. If you are interested, you can find out how I came to be the man I am today.


Additional information and recommendations can be found @ If you are on facebook, I'm there as Artie Salem.


A few of my specialties are;

  • Computer Systems Architecture - Datacenter To Desktop + Disaster Recovery

  • Innovative & Creative Solutions With Problem Solving In Multiple Disiplines

  • Business Analysis & Performance Engineering

  • Small Business Consulting & Home Computing

  • Woods, Metals & Composites - Methodologies, Designs & Builds

    • Urns - I take great care in design & build of custom tributes

  • Mechanics - Highest Level Achieved in 1992, FAA General Airframe & Powerplant Certifications

  • Music Composition - I actually have one guitar student right now and teaching again is wonderful!


Enjoy your day & evening,

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Storage Operations Specialist PDF Print E-mail
Written by Artie   
Friday, 11 December 2009 20:28

Greetings all. I have found a new home as a full time employee with EMC Corporation beginning 12/14/2009. I am very excited to have been given this opportunity and will apply all of my knowledge, willingness & adaptability to make it a beautiful relationship.


So very stoked. All the world is a stage.


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